Result Entry

During the actual event itself the main task is to enter all of the various results for each of the sports into the system.

With Exis most of the hard work has already been done by this stage. The registration process has got all of the competitors and teams entered into the system along with their event entries; and along with the creation of the heats and schedule done in the final build up, this means that by the time the games themselves begin the only task left is to enter the results themselves.

Thankfully, with exis this task has been designed to be as simple and as quick as possible. Our main aim for result entry is the less that needs to be done the less chance mistakes will happen and the quicker it will get done.

Result Entry for each sport generally just involves entering scores for the results themselves and then the system takes care of the rest. Features such as Ladders, Group Tables and the all important Medal Table are all calculated by the system automatically without any input from the user apart from the results themselves.

With experience of 19 different sports and their various variations exis has indepth knowledge of all that is needed and required to deliver a results service.

For more information about how result entry works for each of the sports please explore the various pages for each sport which explain in more detail the various features of the system.


Heat Narratives allow you to enter some brief information to go along with the results for any heat that then gets displayed on the results site.

This is useful to give any extra information that may be needed in special circumstances; for example perhaps bad weather has mean't the event has had to change slightly.

Confirming Results

When entering results the system automatically records the last time a result was entered for a heat in order for people viewing the results to know how up to date they are. This information is also used by the system itself for features such as Results Just In, Rolling Results and the Daily Results Book.

In addition to this is the ability to confirm the results for a heat. This is the final stage of result entry for a heat and is done to indicate that the results entered have now been checked and verified as correct.

Like the last result date this gives people viewing the results an indication that these results are now complete and not likely to change, as well as giving those entering results a chance to check what they have entered before confirming it as correct.