A vital part of any Results Service is providing the public with a comprehensive, up to date schedule of events in a variety of diffrent formats.

In Exis Admin the schedule for an event is linked to the various heats created in the system.

Adding schedule information is simply a case of going to the desired heat and selecting a venue, start date and time. Multiple items of schedule information can be added to a heat in this way to build up a detailed schedule for the event.

In addition to this, while creating matches for group and knockout heats it also possible to enter scheduling information for that particular match.

By entering schedule information in this detailed way, any last changes can easily be made, and most importantly it enables members of the public using Exis Results to view the schedule in a variety of different ways, such as by day, sport or even just an event. It is now also possible to filter the daily schedule by Island enabling members of the public / media to quickly see what events and matches the Island is taking part in for that day. Small event schedules are also displayed underneath the results for each event. Please visit the schedule page on Exis Results for more information.