Event Management


The Event Management area of Exis Admin is controls everything that gets displayed on Exis Results; from the schedule, event records, venues and setting up the heats, right through to entering the actual results.


In Exis Admin a heat is simply a term to denote an occurence of event. So each time an event takes place a heat is created, and it is in this heat that the results are entered. How many heats an event has, and how they are setup varies depending on the event concerned, so please visit the heats page for more information.


For each heat setup in the system, you can enter multiple sets of schedule information into Exis Admin that go to form a detailed schedule displayed on ExisResults, giving detailed information to the public that can be viewed in a variety of different ways. Please visit the Scheduling page for more information.

Latest News

The Latest News facility allowsSite Administrators to enter news stories that appear on the home page of the results site using an easy to use rich text editor. Allowing someone who may have no knowledge of html to easily format text, and add photos in an editor similar to a word-processor they would be familiar with.


Like Latest News the weather also appears on the home page of the Results Site, and is simply allows a Site Administrator to enter various details of the days weather such as temperature, sunrise and sunset.