About Us

Based in the Isle of Man and formed in 2004 exis has been used as the administration and results service for the past two Island Games in Rhodes 2007 and Shetland 2005, plus the latest games held in Ă…land in 2009.

With experience and know-how of delivering a results-service dating back to 2001 we feel that we are excellently placed to give the expertise and commitment needed to deliver a professional and comprehensive results and administration system.

Reasons to use exis

Organising a large event such as the Island Games is a massive undertaking, and something that you only get the chance to get right once. With our knowledge and expertise in results and administration you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge we have the experience and expertise needed to help.

Our philosophy is to work hand in hand with our clients in order to deliver the best solution possible. By constantly analysing our performance, listening to feedback and striving for improvement we ensure that as we move forward we are always learning and improving.

We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly improve, and will always take on feedback to extend and improve on the functionality our solutions offer.

With experience of multiple Island Games behind us, we have the technology, skills and know-how to help.

What we can do for you

Lets be honest. Planning, preparing and running a large event is hard. Our software and service offering take the up much of the slack by providing you with the technology platform upon which you can build your plan.

By utilising our tried and tested solutions we free you from having to worry about the registration, accreditation, schedule management, travel plans etc and enable you to focus on the delivery of the event itself.

By partnering with EXIS for your event we are able to offer you far more than just our software. We've been through the mill and have the battle scars to prove it. We are able to offer advice and recommendations on what works and what doesn't when running large sporting events.

What else do we do?

Exis through our sister company Antelle are able to offer a full bespoke development service based around the Microsoft technology stack. Antelle share the same philosophy as exis in that they believe that the only way to build quality, flexible solutions is to work in close partnership with clients and stakeholders.

Antelle have successfully delivered solutions across various industry sectors including: Banking, Pre Paid Credit Cards, Government, Local Government, Retail, 3rd Party Payroll providers, Printers etc.

To Find out more about some of the projects Antelle have completed please visit www.antelle.com/experience/projects.aspx