With thousands of registrants and hundreds of events it is vital that there is the necessary reporting options to support a wide array of different requirements.

With over 20 different reports designed around supporting a wide assortment of user requirements Exis Admin is key in helping get the information people need.

At Exis we understand that there are multiple ways people make use of the information in our reports, and so we make sure that they can be exported to Excel or as a PDF in order to be worked on further; furthermore, the reports can all be viewed, grouped, sorted and columns rearranged on-screen beforehand.

Entry Form Reports

The Entry Form Reports are based on the Sport Entry Forms filled in by each competing Island at an early stage to give an indication of what sports and events they are intending to compete in.

  • Sport Entries
  • Sport Entries by Island / Sport
  • Event Entries
  • Event Entries by Island / Sport
  • Event Entry Totals

Registrant Reports

With thousands of people registered as part of the registration process it is vital to be able to effectively report on the information that has been entered. As such Exis Admin has multiple reports catered to the different requirements needed.

  • Search Registrants
  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Missing Details
  • Competitor Sports
  • Event Entries
  • Birthdays
  • Statistics
  • View / Search - Team / Pairs