Exis Admin is used by a wide variety of users for a wide variety of different purposes, and as such it is essential that certain functionality and information is restricted to only the essential users.

As such we have developed a series of different user types that can access the system, each with a different level of access and a different set of functions that they can perform. As such the system can actually look quite different depending on your user type.

Site Administrators

Site Administrators can see everything, and do everything. From setting up new users, adding /editing registrants, running reports and entering results.

As a result of this there are normally only a very few Site Administrators, limited to just the essential organisers who need access to all parts of the system.

In fact certain tasks like entering latest news, producing accreditation and managing the site users can only be performed by a Site Administrator.

Island Coordinator

Island Coordinators are users from the various Islands competing in the games who need to use the system in order to complete the Sport Entry Forms and to register their people.

The information they can see and enter is limited to their Island, and Site Administrators also have the ability to restrict their ability to complete the Sport Entry Forms or add Registrants, by setting their access to read-only. This is so the organisers can ensure Islands are no longer changing any information once the deadline has been reached, but they are still able to see what they have entered and run any reports etc...

Report Users

Report Users are members of your organisation that need access to the information contained in the system, but not to any of the functionality; and as such can therefore only run the reports.

Report Users can run any of the reports within the system and export them to Excel / PDF, and can unlike Island / Sport Coordinators the reports are not limited by Island / Sport. However, they cannot view the full information for a registrant and so therefore cannot see their Medical Requirements or Special Needs, which is limited to Island Coordinators for the registrant's Island, and Site Administrators.

Result Coordinators

The Result Coordinators are responsible for performing tasks in relation to ExisResults, such as setting the heats, schedule, and entering event records and results.

Like Site Administrators there are normally only a few Result Coordinators, but it is generally necessary to have a few users who don't have the full powers of a Site Administrator, but can perform tasks across all sports rather than being limited to just one.

Sport Coordinators

The Sport Coordinator is limited to their own specific sport, and like the Result Coordinator can set up heats and enter results, but only for their own sport. These are the people during the games who will be entering the results that go onto the Results Site.