Event Entries


In stage 4 of registering a competitor their event entries are recorded along with their best record / ranking for that event.

Not only does this information go onto their entry form it is also used for organisational purposes and as the basis of results entry.

By combining the registration and result entry process it means that duplication and therefore mistakes can be eliminated.

The compitors event ranking / record / pb section has also been improved so that the information can only be entered in the required format, such as a best time / distance. The purpose of this being so that the organisers get just the information they need and in a format that can then be used more easily to seed / rank competitors when setting up the events.


When a competitor is entered into a team event the system will automatically create a team for that Island (if there isn't one already) and then add the competitor to that team. This therefore simplifies the process of team creation and means that all the teams exist when it comes time to setup the event for result entry.


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