Sailing and Sailboarding

Individual Events

The Sailing and Sailboarding events are made up of 10 sperate races that take place over several days. The scoring is itself is based on the position each competitor finishes in each race, with the winner getting 1 point, 2nd place 2 points etc...
These scores are then combined to give an overall total, with each competitor allowed to discard their worst score. The positions are therefore determined by the net scores (total minus discard) across the 10 races; competitors who finish on the same net score are split based on race wins, 2nd places etc...


  • Validation warns if positions have been duplicated for a race or overall
  • Ability to enter disqualifications and adjustments give great flexibility
  • Ability to select discard race
  • Total Score, Net Scores and positions all automatically calculated
  • Easy ability to indicate a race is under dispute
  • Heat Narrative allows for easy display of information about the event, e.g. delayed for bad weather
  • Arrow keys can be used to move between boxes for easy result entry
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Screenshot of Sailing Result Entry

Screnshot: Sailing Result Entry

Team Event

The Team Events for sailing and sailboarding is not a seperate events, but rather the scores for each race are determined from the scores for the competitors from the individual events. For the sailboarding this is the best two scores in each race combined, whereas for sailing it is the best Radial score combined with the best Laser score.

Using the same result entry method as the individual event, there is also the ability to automatically calculate the scores for each team at just the click of a button with the system then taking care of the rest.

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Sailing Team Result Entry: Note the Calculate Scores button for auto-calculation

Screenshot - Sailing Team Result Entry

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