One of the most popular sports in the Island Games the football results are always keenly followed by visitors to the results site. As a result it is the sport with some of the most in-depth options for result entry to provide the key information people are looking for beyond just the score, such as starting teams and scorers.
Also, unlike other sports such as Basketball and Volleyball the current scores can be entered while the match is still in progress allowing people round the world to keep up to date with the score instantaneously.

Key Features

  • Enter scores for Half Time, Full Time, and also On-Penalties (if applicable)
  • Indicate if extra-time has been played
  • Enter scores while match is in progress
  • Validation prevents non-numeric scores
  • Record starting teams and match officials
  • Record player match events such as goal scorers, yellow cards
  • Automatic calculation of group tables

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