Singles and Doubles Events

A Ladder based event with each match being the best of three sets. After setting up the Heat, Result Entry is simply a case of selecting the relevant match from a dropdown and entering the scores for each set; the system then handles the rest with the winner determined and subsequent matches then created; the system will even correct itself if the wrong winner was recorded.


  • Automatic Ladder calculation
  • Validation to prevent non-numeric scores
  • Validation prevents set scores and score in sets being the same
  • Walkover and Retired Injured options for when there is not a full result

Team Event

The Team Event in Badminton is comprised of five different rubbers: Men's Singles, Ladies' Singles, Men's Doubles, Ladies' Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Scores are entered for each rubber as with the Singles and Doubles events with the score in rubbers then determining the result for the match overall. As the competitors taking part in each rubber is not decided until just before the match starts the system caters for this by allowing them to be selected from dropdowns during result entry.


  • Automatic Ladder and Group Table calculation
  • Validation for non-numeric scores, or duplicate set scores
  • Simple but flexible ability to select competitors for each rubber
  • Ability to enter scores while overall match is still in progress
  • Abililty to choose walkover / retired injured for each rubber, or walkover for overall match

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