Individual Events

Result Entry is done by simply entering just one score per competitor; the system has validation to ensure only a number can be entered, and also automatically determines the positions based on the scores.

Vault Events

Instead of just taking one score, the system takes two vault scores for each competitor and then calculates the overall score for the competitor as the average of the two scores entered.

FIG Overall Events

Rather than being a seperate event, the overall event is awarded for the best combination of scores in the FIG individual events.

Result Entry can either be done by entering the different scores for each competitor in each discipline that makes up the overall event, or by simply clicking the "Calculate Scores" button to bring in the relevant scores from the individual events. In the case of vault the system will bring in the first score for the men and the highest of the two for the women.

Team Floor & Vault Events

For this event the scores are made up of one floor and one vault score for five team members for women, or four team members for men. The overall score for the team is the total of the best four scores for the women, or best three scores for the women.

For Result Entry the system presents the user with a list of the competitors in each of the teams and they simply need to enter the floor and vault score for each person. The calculation of the team scores and positions are then done automatically by the system.

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