Medal Table

One of the most popular and visited pages on the results site the medal table is the first page most visitors will look at and probably the most important.

Fully automatic, the medal table in exis is entirely driven by the results entered with no input from users of the system other than to select the medals while entering the results. The benefit of this is huge; not only does it mean that the medal table is always correctly in-sync with the results that have been entered, it also means that as soon as a result with medals has been entered the medal table will be updated to reflect this.

Further to the main medal table itself, there is also the ability to select any of the sports and see a sport medal table based on the medals for that particular sport.

A small medal table is also displayed on every page of the site, detailing the top 10 Islands in the table. Clicking on the name of an Island takes you to a list of Medal Winners for that Island.

To go alongside the medal table there also is a medal winners page detailing all of the information on the various medals won. Please view the Medal Winners page for more information on the features of this page.

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