Competitors And Teams


The Competitors page allows visitors to the Results Site to search for a Competitor / Team by their Name and optionally Island / Sport. Results can then be sorted by Name or Sport, and clicking on the name of the competitor / team will bring up an information page about that competitor / team.

Competitor / Team Details

Clicking on the name of a competitor / team anywhere in Exis Results takes the visitor to the information page for that competitor or team.

As well as their name, age and photo this page also details which event they are competing in, along with all of their results (including results for teams they are a member of). When viewing a team, the site displays a list of all the team members with a small photo; these in turn, link to the details page for the competitor.

RSS Feed

For each competitor / team there is also an RSS Feed that visitors can subscribe to, enabling them to keep informed of any new results relevant to that competitor or team.

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